AWG Ops Support

Recruiter: Beyond SOF
Location:Ft Meade/Home/OCONUS, 90/90/90/90 day splits, $148K + Benefits

PWS: The Contractor shall support AWG S-39 Section by providing expertise, support, and assistance with CO and IO. Contractor employees are required to maintain a TS-SCI security clearance IAW Section and may deploy and/or travel to various CONUS and OCONUS locations. The Contractor shall support the AWG S-39 section by providing expertise, support, and assistance in the following areas:

a. Advise and assist with the development of tailored cyberspace training for AWG personnel.

b. Provide instruction to AWG personnel on the fundamentals of CO.

c. Provide information on emerging threats in cyberspace and offer advice on how to counter these threats.

d. Advise and assist on the development of integrating cyber capabilities into AWG facilities for experimentation, assessments, and training.

e. Assist AWG and AWG-supported units to understand the cyberspace domain and how to integrate military operations from the cyberspace domain to the other warfighting domains of land, sea, air, and space.

f. Provide advice on assistance on how the various information-related capabilities (IRC) in IO (psychological operations, military deception, operations security, etc.) can be combined in their employment with CO to achieve specific effects.

g. Provide advice and assistance on cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) to include Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO).

h. Provide advice and assistance on how cyberspace can be utilized for friendly messaging efforts and countering adversary messaging efforts.

Identify capability gaps in CO and CEMA and develop materiel and non-materiel solutions to close these capability gaps and assists with integrating these solutions to supported units and within the Army.

1 year with option years.

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