Intelligence Analyst - Intelligence Oversight

Employer: Aluttiq
Location: Arlington, Virginia


Intelligence Analyst supports the oversight of NGB, Title 32 NG and JFHQ-State Intelligence, Counterintelligence (CI) and Intelligence-Related activities.

Implement NG-J2 Intelligence Oversight (IO) Program
Develop and conduct Initial and Annual Refresher IO Training for NGB (J2, Counterdrug, Cyber Intel, MEDINT, and Aviation)
Tests personnel to confirm they can identify, at a minimum, regulations and instructions governing QIA and S/HS Matter reporting procedures and the identity of IO Monitors
Perform a self-inspection in the final quarter of the calendar year, if the organization did not receive a formal IO inspection
Immediately route J2 Questionable Intelligence Activity (QIA) reports to IG and conducts any remedial IO training requires

Assist NG-J2 and the 54 State and Territory National Guard with drafting and filing QIA reports
Assist JFHQ-State J2 and military intelligence (MI) units in IO Quarterly Reporting to the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight (ATSD(IO)) for inclusion in President's Intelligence Oversight Board.
Draft the NGB (J2, G2 and A2) Quarterly IO Report and submit to NGB Inspector General (IG)
Coordinate J2, G2 and A2 IO Quarterly Report data and submits IO Quarterly Reports to NG-IGO
Facilitate NG-J2 annual review of all files, electronic and paper, at a minimum of once per calendar year to ensure any US Persons information is retained IAW Procedure 4 of DoD 5240.1-R
Certify that all files have been reviewed through MF; CNGB Instruction (CNGBI) 2000.01 and CNGB Manual (CNGBM) 2000.01
Review and update CNGBI 2000.01 and CNGBM 200.01, National Guard Intelligence Activities, at a minimum annually and as required
Review staff with NGB JA, IG and J3 and the Army and the Army and Air National Guard Staff and recommend approval/ disapproval of all Proper Use Memorandums for all Title 32 training, exercise and operational airborne domestic imagery collection missions
Assist in notifying CNGB of all high-visibility PUMs; Facilitate Chairman JCS (CJCS) notification or SecDef authorization for use of Intel assets in a non-Intel role per Department of Defense (DoD) 5240.1R and DoD Instruction (DoDI) 3025.18
Coordinate letters of consent between the 54 States/Territories/District and the Army Departmental Requirements Office (ADRO)
Conduct IO Staff Assistance Visits (SAV) of the 54 States/Territories/District prior to their IO inspection and/or at their request
Develops and presents state-tailored Executive-level, MI, Counterdrug, Cyber Intel, and UAS/RPA IO Policy Briefings
Develops and presents IO Policy briefings at annual forums, such as State and Regional Military Intelligence Workshops and State and Regional IG Workshops
Develops and presents IO Policy briefings at annual forums, such as State and Regional Military Intelligence Workshops and State and Regional IG Workshops
Develops and presents IO Policy Briefings during recurring formal courses, such as the JIT Course and J2 DSCA Course
De-conflict duties with J34 regarding Law Enforcement responsibilities and Critical Infrastructure protection with regard to IO
Simplify processes and clarify guidance on right and wrong activities regarding IO and DSCA
Develops and presents Quarterly IO Monitor Certification Course
Coordinates and leads Quarterly J2 IO Policy Teleconference with 54 State/Territory Districts
Draft and publish Quarterly IO Policy Update (Newsletter) for the 54 States/Territories/District
Draft and send informational e-mails to the 54 States/Territories/District as immediate notification of new IO policy or changes to existing IO policy

Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this position requires U.S. Citizenship status (or authorized aliens) and be able to furnish proof of US citizenship.
Must have experience working with Government personnel at a senior level
Must possess specialized experience in providing Intelligence Analysis services in a senior level and secure environment.
Possess the ability to research, assimilate and organize information and write clear, succinct, grammatically correct documents which meet the standards of Army Regulation (AR) 25-50 and/or AFH 33-337.
Working knowledge of commonly used military terminology to be used within office settings to prepare material correctly.
Possess the ability to verbally communicate in a logical, coherent manner as well as interpret and apply administrative guidelines and regulations.
Have and maintain proficiency in the use of computers and associate software. Computer literacy includes demonstrated expertise in using Microsoft Office and various databases.
Bachelor Degree minimum
Minimum of five years' experience conducting intelligence analysis. Experience to include working with government personnel at a senior level.
Must be able to obtain/maintain a TS/SCI Security Clearance; preferred.

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